Better Incident Management

Standardize the reporting process. Out of the box automation and reporting tools remove inefficient processes and emails.

Gain enterprise wide visibility by tracking the status of all changes and activities in a centralized location. Manage tasks related to mitigating risk, updating training, communicating the change to employees and more. Efficient tracking at each stage in the process guarantees that all changes are well-documented and easily accessible should an inspector or stakeholder inquires.

  • Real-time management of change through automated notifications.
  • Improve flexibility by performing change management specific to the type of change.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements.
  • Easily manage all types of changes through a single solution.

Companies around the world use VisiumKMS

“Duplicate data entry has been eliminated and process governance enforced.”

EHS/PSM Manager / Chemical Company
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