Oil and Gas

Industrialization and population growth continue to raise the demand for fossil fuels as feed stocks and for primary energy production. Safety, continuous improvement and innovation are at the heart of the oil and gas industry. At Rolls Royce we provide software solutions that drive the operational excellence and risk management metrics that underpin sustainable operations.

  • Flexible solutions that works the way you do.
  • Manage operation intelligence and improve risk mitigation.

Continuous Improvement

Automated investigation workflow by incident type, root cause analysis, recommendations and best practice change management drive continuous improvement.

Monitor Leading Risk Indicators

Multiple layers of reporting and data driven dashboards drive continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Works the way you do

From simple document changes to rigorous PSM management of change, Rolls-Royce software solutions work with you and your processes.

Companies around the world use VisiumKMS

“Duplicate data entry has been eliminated and process governance enforced.”

EHS/PSM Manager / Chemical Company
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