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Compliance with CGMP, FDA, ISO and other global guidelines is a necessity for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Attaining and sustaining compliance with these regulations is a chain of continual improvement in processes which is why VisiumKMS provides an electronic change control system so the change is recorded, reviewed, and approved by the appropriate personnel.

VisiumKMS helps manage complex requirements and addresses the challenges of global operations. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical organizations are able to drive greater team productivity, efficiency, collaboration, safety and ensure compliance with the international laws and regulations from various countries around the world. The easy configuration of VisiumKMS enables companies to be agile, keeping up with constantly changing regulations. Businesses can maintain or improve operational efficiency by managing operational risks centrally. Employees are safer and healthier due to accurate and thorough tracking and reporting on incidents, as well as management of corrective and preventive actions plans.

  • Flexible solutions that works the way you do.
  • Manage change easily within a complex regulatory environment
  • Manage operation intelligence and improve risk mitigation.
  • Minimize nonconformance and supply chain interruptions.

Streamline your teams

Our configurable workflow solution is designed to meet your organization’s specific process requirements. Collaboration is enhanced and teams can avoid unecessary meetings, emails and communication across apps.

Accountability and traceability is best in class

CAPAs are created, tracked to completion and directly linked to audits, incidents or identified risks within our fully integrated solution.

Continuous Improvement

Manage all ideas for improvement, recommendations and critical changes using automated best practice processes. Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure through review. Drive continuous improvement through best practice change management.

Companies around the world use VisiumKMS

“Duplicate data entry has been eliminated and process governance enforced.”

Quality Manager / Pharmaceutical Company
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