Data Quality and Fit For Purpose EHSQ Solutions

Data Quality and “Fit For Purpose” EHSQ Solutions

Even good managers make bad decisions when they rely on poor or misleading data. In the case of EHSQ or PSM, bad information can come from enterprise systems that are not widely adopted or are misused at a plant or business level. Systems are poorly adopted when they do not support the business for whom they are intended (operations, production, maintenance…). Software tools help with business processes like risk assessment, action tracking, incident management, management of change and PSSR. No one in operations or production will use a tool as intended if it is not “Fit for Purpose”. They don’t have time for that! They only have time to use solutions that have local value. “Fit for Purpose” solutions can only be designed and deployed by experts in the business process being automated. Therefore, better management decisions are dependent on having quality information which can only come from “Fit For Purpose” solutions. Because these solutions are useful locally, they will be adopted and even embraced by operations and productions staff. It is just like gravity. Don’t fight it!


–Mike Bearrow

PSM expert with VisiumKMS