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Action Tracking

It is crucial to track and close the actions related to industrial programs like EHS, Process Safety Management, and Operational Risk Management due to their critical nature. However, task management becomes difficult since the responsibilities for those types of programs might span an entire organization and involve several different work groups, such as operations, maintenance, engineering, and training.

Successful action tracking requires a central software application that clearly demonstrates the status of actions to be completed, to whom those actions are assigned, and what requirements must be met for closure. High-performing organizations will also seek to automate this functionality to alleviate the burden on already strained resources.

Dozens of the world’s largest O&G and chemical corporations have chosen VisiumKMS because it provides the world’s #1 solution for managing recommended actions from risk assessments, audits, and incident investigations as well as actions due for pre- and post-startup activities.

All-in-One Tool

VisiumKMS contains all the tools you need to excel at task management in one integrated solution. Features like risk evaluation, action tracking, and notifications all run in the same application – no need for multiple systems.

Assignments One Click Away

VisiumKMS ensures you see your assignments to close safety actions and recommendations by providing your task list immediately upon log in and sending automatic reminders through an email notification system.

Automatic Checklists and Actions

VisiumKMS streamlines the checklist and action assignments based on the activity, such as risk assessment, Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR), or incident investigation, so you spend more time keeping people and equipment safe.

Notify the Right People at the Right Time

VisiumKMS communicates task management information in several ways such as by providing one-click viewable assignment lists and sending deadline reminders in email. However, you can limit who sees what information using the industry’s most flexible security settings, even marking select information as confidential.

Visible Workflows

VisiumKMS prominently displays workflow progress so you know what you’ve accomplished, which tasks remain, and which actions still require closure.

Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)

VisiumKMS helps you stay safe during this critical operating phase by helping you complete answer-driven checklists and manage pre- and post-startup risk mitigation actions.

Best-in-Class Workflows

VisiumKMS helps you remain compliant to regulations by providing best-in-class, standardized workflows. It also provides the tools to build custom workflows when you need to implement your own unique work processes.

Inputs from Across the Organization

VisiumKMS brings ORM and recommendation tracking to the entire organization. You can start MOC and other risk management processes from HAZOP recommendations, from incident investigations, from maintenance work orders, or from recommendations made in the field.

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