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The term EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) Management encapsulates the policies, procedures, and activities organizations undertake to protect their employees, the public, and the environment from harm. Most industrial organizations execute EHS Management through a dedicated department responsible for preventing incidents, reducing the EHS impact of operations, and maintaining compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Beyond adhering to government EHS regulations such as the United States Codes of Federal Regulation 29, 40, and 49, industrial organizations in more than 50 countries are committed to the voluntary EHS initiative known as Responsible Care.

In pursuing EHS management, organizations can draw on international standards such as:

  • ISO 14001

  • OHSAS 18001, which is expected to be replaced by ISO 45001

  • Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

Organizations who want to excel at EHS management need a software platform to help them identify operating hazards, communicate recommendations, close EHS-related actions, and report regulatory compliance.

VisiumKMS is the gold standard for EHS management because it provides the assessment tools, workflows, and one-click-printable reports organizations need to achieve EHS excellence while fulfilling their mandate to protect their people, the communities where the operate, and the environment.

All-in-One Tool

Built as one integrated solution rather than as separate programs, VisiumKMS integrates all EHS information, such as incident investigation results and compliance reports, across all modules within the same application.

Flexible Workflows

VisiumKMS helps you exceed regulatory requirements by providing best-in-class, standardized workflows. It also delivers unprecedented flexibility for building custom workflows when you need to implement new industry best practices.

Incident Investigation

High-performing organizations use the integrated modules in VisiumKMS to investigate EHS incidents, record Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, and then distribute lesson learned throughout the organization.

Maintain and Report Compliance

Enable your EHS processes throughout your organization with the comprehensive suite of VisiumKMS modules. From risk assessment tools to investigation workflows, you can compile EHS information and demonstrate standards compliance with one-click-print reports and dashboards.

Use Your Own Risk Definitions

No one knows your operations and the risks inherent to them better than you do. VisiumKMS lets you define risk rankings across the Environment, Health, and Safety categories and then execute location-specific assessments according to them.

Communicate Lessons Learned Throughout the Organization

VisiumKMS offers a powerful combination of risk assessment tools, incident investigation workflows and ad hoc reports which facilitate communicating risk levels and mitigation efforts to management and local teams.

Track Recurring Requirements

EHS management involves recurring activities such as water quality sampling and reporting emission levels. Manage the scheduling and automatic notification of these and all other recurring activities through the VisiumKMS activities and notification features.

User-Friendly Hazards Identification and Analysis Tool

The VisiumKMS risk assessment tool provides never-before-seen flexibility by supporting user-definable HAZOP, What If, and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) checklists.

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