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Incident Investigation

Organizations operating under the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM), OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS), and EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) standards are mandated to conduct investigations when safety, health, and environmental incidents or near misses occur.

Beyond meeting compliance requirements, organizations with robust incident investigation programs benefit from:

  • Prevention of future incidents through application of corrective and protective actions (CAPAs)

  • Increased awareness and understanding of workplace and process hazards

  • Identifying procedural shortcomings of safety, health, and risk management programs

Preventing similar incidents from occurring again hinges on thorough root cause analysis, sharing of lessons learned, and management of CAPAs. All of these activities can be made more efficient and visible through software applications.

VisiumKMS is the leading software solution for incident investigations because it provides best-in-class workflows, user-definable incident trend reports, and unites the recording of lessons learned with the closure of corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs).

All-in-One Tool

VisiumKMS contains all the tools you need to open, conduct, and close incident investigations, and then manage the resulting actions, in one integrated solution.

React Quickly When Incidents Occur

VisiumKMS expedites incident investigations by providing immediate access to opening these and other workflows. Also, the application simplifies the transition of lessons learned into CAPAs because all modules are only one click away within the same software.

Confidentiality Matters

When the situation demands it, VisiumKMS strictly enforces confidentiality, especially where OI&I data is concerned. Even non-confidential information can be restricted by location and role so you can ensure people see the right, and most important information, immediately upon logging into the application.

Automatic Checklists and Actions

VisiumKMS streamlines incident investigations with automatic checklists and action assignments based on incident type, so you can accelerate the distribution of lessons learned and closure of CAPAs.

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