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Management of Change

Management of Change (MOC) is the system by which proposed changes to a process are evaluated to fully assess their impact on employee safety and health and then to determine and execute needed changes to any facet of the operation. These might include work on infrastructure, updates to operating or maintenance procedures, or creating new training programs, for example.

MOC is one of the key elements of Process Safety Management because it ensures that the inevitable changes experienced during the lifetime of a process unit or facility do not introduce new, unmitigated risks to the operation.

At a minimum, MOC written procedures must ensure the following considerations are addressed prior to any change:

  • The technical basis for the proposed change.

  • Impact of the change on employee safety and health.

  • Modifications to operating procedures.

  • Necessary time period for the change.

  • Authorization requirements for the proposed change.

Successful Management of Change hinges on the ability of the workers involved in the process to execute a variety of tasks. VisiumKMS provides the world’s most effective and proven Management of Change solution because it ensures the right people to do the right work at the right time. From dynamic and flexible risk analysis tools to automatic answer-driven checklist workflows, VisiumKMS is the leading solution to achieve world-class Management of Change performance.

All-in-One Tool

VisiumKMS combines all the tools for successful ORM into one integrated solution. Features like risk evaluation, action tracking, and notifications all run in the same application – no need for multiple systems.

Assignments One Click Away

No matter the ORM role you fulfill, VisiumKMS ensures you see the assignments you need to progress risk decisions. All assignments are available as soon as you log in and are reinforced through email notification.

Automatic Checklists and Actions

VisiumKMS streamlines your risk management workflows by automatically providing the checklists and actions you need based on the risk criteria and categories identified during assessments.

Notify the Right People at the Right Time

VisiumKMS communicates the information you need to excel at ORM by providing one-click viewable assignment lists, sending deadline reminders in email, and displaying and linking dashboard reports in-system or to third-party applications.

Visible Workflows

VisiumKMS prominently displays workflow progress so you know what you’ve accomplished, which tasks remain, and what actions are still required to close out risk control actions.

Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)

VisiumKMS helps you stay safe during this critical operating phase by helping you manage complete answer-driven checklists and manage pre- and post-startup risk mitigation actions.

Best-in-Class Workflows

VisiumKMS helps you remain compliant to regulations by providing best-in-class, standardized workflows. It also provides the tools to build custom workflows when you need to implement your own unique work processes.

Inputs from Across the Organization

VisiumKMS brings ORM and recommendation tracking to the entire organization. You can start MOC and other risk management processes from HAZOP recommendations, from incident investigations, from maintenance work orders, or from recommendations made in the field.

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