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Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management (PSM), the general term for a series of regulations introduced to the process industry in the 1990s, encompasses the tools and activities used to reduce the frequency and severity of highly hazardous chemical releases. Several high-profile disasters in the process industry during the 1970s and 1980s made painfully clear the need to manage the special hazards associated with handling chemicals and other energy sources.

Through regulatory standards such as the United States Occupational Safety and Health Standard 29 CFR 1910.119, process industry organisations must develop and maintain the following elements of a process safety management plan:

  • Process Safety Information

  • Process Hazard Analysis

  • Operating Procedures

  • Training

  • Contractors

  • Mechanical Integrity

  • Hot Work

  • Management of Change

  • Incident Investigation

  • Compliance Audits

  • Trade Secrets

  • Employee Participation

  • Pre-startup Safety Review

  • Emergency Planning and Response

However, an organisation’s commitment to fulfilling PSM standards goes beyond simply meeting the letter of the law. Rigorous participation in PSM activities also demonstrates a commitment to an organisation’s employees, their families, and the communities in which it operates.

VisiumKMS provides industry-leading functionality through a suite of modules designed by process industry experts, some of whom influenced PSM standards at the time of their creation. The VisiumKMS software solution, informed by this deep experience and two decades of industry involvement, helps process safety organisations excel at the elements of Process Safety while standardising their operations.

All-in-One Tool

Built as one integrated solution rather than as separate programs, VisiumKMS maintains all of your process safety information in one system. You no longer need to transfer files between separate applications to connect your safety activities.

Standardised Risk Evaluations

VisiumKMS lets you evaluate the risk to process, equipment, organisation, or procedures at any stage of process safety management using risk rankings standardised by location.

Best-in-Class Workflows

VisiumKMS includes best-in-class, standardised workflows developed by industry experts to ensure your organisation will comply with the PSM requirements of OSHA 1910.119.

User-Friendly Hazards Identification and Analysis Tool

The VisiumKMS risk assessment tool provides never-before-seen flexibility by supporting user-definable HAZOP checklists.

Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)

VisiumKMS provides the industry’s leading PSSR facilitation tool, which includes answer-driven checklists and the management of pre- and post-startup risk mitigation actions.

Incident Investigation

High-performing organisations use the integrated modules in VisiumKMS to investigate and learn from the occurrence of process incidents and proactively mitigate their future occurrence.

Track Recurring Requirements

PSM includes recurring activities such as mechanical integrity inspections, instrumentation testing, and personnel refresher training. Manage the scheduling and automatic notification of these and all other recurring activities through VisiumKMS.

Maintain and Report Compliance

The VisiumKMS risk assessment tool provides never-before-seen flexibility by supporting user-definable HAZOP, What If, and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) checklists.

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