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Quality management, as a principle and subsequent set of activities, is critical in the effort to achieve high production volume at low per-unit costs while maintaining customer satisfaction. Quality is often a top differentiating factor during customer/supplier bids, especially due to its implications for sustaining profitable relationships.

To remain competitive in their respective markets, industrial organizations therefore recognize the need to implement robust quality management systems such the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) standard or other industry-specific guidelines.

These systems include activities such as:

  • Audit planning and execution

  • Compliance assessment

  • Executing Root Cause Analysis

  • Assigning and completing corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs)

VisiumKMS delivers the industry’s leading audit, action tracking and compliance reporting software solution to help your organization achieve a top-tier quality management system. With these and many more features available in one integrated quality application, you can investigate quality defects, identify root causes, and execute CAPAs to increase your organization’s efficiency and profitability.

Plan, Do, Check, Act – In One Integrated Solution

Built as one integrated solution rather than as separate programs, VisiumKMS maintains all of your quality incident and CAPA information in one system. The administration and reporting of your quality management activities is accomplished through a single application.

Audit Management Made Easy

VisiumKMS workflows ensure you follow the right quality protocol because they automatically provide the checklists you need based on the referenced standard. Your organization can also accelerate the closure of quality activities by pre-defining to whom assignments are given.

World-Leading Audit Tools

VisiumKMS provides the world’s best audit planning and execution tools because they were designed by auditors for auditors. Nowhere in the world can you find an audit software solution that draws on the expertise you find in Rolls-Royce quality professionals.

Track Recurring Requirements

Compliance involves several recurring activities such as scheduled reports and periodic inspections. Manage the scheduling and automatic notification of these and all other recurring activities through the VisiumKMS activities and notification features.

Best-in-Class Workflows

VisiumKMS helps you remain compliant to regulations by providing best-in-class, standardized workflows. It also provides the tools to build custom workflows when you need to implement your own general practice or engineering guidance.

Incident Investigation

High-performing organizations use the integrated modules in VisiumKMS to investigate quality failures and then manage corrective and protective actions (CAPAs) to closure.

Quality Information When You Need It

Trend incidents per location, chart CAPA activities over time, and generate compliance reports at the click of a button using the suite of reporting tools available in VisiumKMS.

Engage Your Employees

Superior quality programs rely on input from anyone in the organization and VisiumKMS provides a recommendation reporting mechanism for use by any employee at any location.

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