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Risk Assessment

Organizations conduct Risk Assessment to identify and assess risks in operating scenarios so they can apply resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of hazard events occurring. This makes the Risk Assessment process a crucial early step in overall Risk Management activities and critical to ensuring safe operations for people, equipment, and the environment.

Risk Assessment may take different forms, based on the organization’s risk profile, industry best practices, or regulatory standards. For instance, facilities handling highly hazardous chemicals are mandated by standards such as OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) and EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) to use of the Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) assessment methodology.

VisiumKMS empowers risk management professionals by providing a flexible solution for employing different assessment methodologies, generating recommendations to close gaps, and distributing those risk mitigation actions to the appropriate teams. Whether your organization needs HAZOP, JSA, or What-If checklist tools, this is the world’s leading solution for identifying vulnerabilities and managing risk gap closure.

All-in-One Tool

VisiumKMS combines all the tools for successful Risk Assessment and Reporting into one integrated solution. Risk assessment checklists, incident investigation workflows, action tracking, and notifications function harmoniously in a single application – no need for multiple systems.

Best-in-Class Functionality

VisiumKMS ensures ease-of-use for risk assessment scribes by providing hot key shortcuts throughout workflows. The application also accelerates the assessment process by automatically generating action items from recommendations.

User-Friendly Hazards Identification and Analysis Tool

The VisiumKMS risk assessment tool provides never-before-seen flexibility by supporting user-definable HAZOP, What If, and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) checklists.

Compare Risk Before and After Controls are Implemented

VisiumKMS clearly identifies which recommended actions have the most impact by showing “As-Is Risk” compared to the “To-Be Risk” levels following mitigation on a per-scenario basis.

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