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Risk Reporting

Organizations uncover and identify risk in several ways, such as during Process Safety Management (PSM) risk assessments, Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), or audits.

These activities make available different types of risk information, such as:

  • Process hazard severity and frequency, both before and after risk control measures are implemented

  • The types of risk control measures planned for use or already in place

  • System or process weaknesses identified during audits

  • Cases in which an organization fails to follow industry best practices

  • Root causes identified during incident investigations

Reporting this information helps management understand where risk exists in their operations, prioritize risk reduction recommendations, and execute risk control measures. However, due to the disparity of different systems used to gathering this information and the number of functional disciplines involved, risk professionals have difficulty assembling and sharing the full risk profile for their organization.

In a world where getting and using risk information is critical to safe operations but difficult to accomplish, VisiumKMS arms decision makers with a full suite of reporting solutions to help them make intelligent risk decisions as well as monitor and maintain risk control measures.

All-in-One Tool

VisiumKMS combines all the tools for successful Risk Assessment and Reporting into one integrated solution. Features like risk assessments, incident investigation, audit and action tracking, and notifications work harmoniously in a single application – no need for multiple systems.

Multiple Risk Intelligence Formats

VisiumKMS provides a comprehensive suite of risk intelligence formats. From risk ranking summaries in workflows, to one-click print reports, and user-definable risk intelligence dashboards, you have the tools to understand and manage your risk profile.

All-Inclusive Risk Awareness

VisiumKMS collates risk information from any source within your organization by receiving and sharing inputs such as process hazard analyses, audit findings, employee recommendations, and incident root causes in one application.

Operational Notifications When You Need Them

World-class risk management requires monitoring risk control measures in addition to conducting planned risk assessments. VisiumKMS provides automatic email notifications when risky scenarios develop, such as when PSSR actions are overdue and maintenance activities are deferred.

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