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Successful industrial organizations require a cohesive combination of people, processes, and technologies to achieve operational excellence. This challenge applies more than ever to today’s professionals who need to manage operational and process risk, track and close recommendations, and ensure compliance.

The industry’s best configurable software solution addresses the most critical program elements: management of change, incident management, risk assessment, audit management, and compliance reporting.

  • Manage risk where it occurs and needs to be managed – at the operations, production, and maintenance levels.
  • Gain industry best practice features informed by subject matter and domain expertise.
  • Facilitate group collaboration and productivity.
  • Gain visibility on all company wide in kind or not in kind changes. Track changes from procedural, organizational, equipment, controls, IT, equipment, chemical, engineering design alteration, and more.

Oil and Gas

Industrialization and population growth continue to raise the demand for fossil fuels as feed stocks and for primary energy production.
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Chemical companies that understand the need for digital transformation use our software solutions to manage risk within complex regulatory environment.
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Energy diversification is driving the need for efficient methods that provide clear insights into each sector of a power generation business.
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Working with a global network of specialized contract manufacturers makes it important to have robust quality auditing and corrective actions.
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Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Manufacturers maintain complex safety and compliance mandates while balancing quality, costs, and production efficiency.
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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Companies that strive for quality and compliance use our software solutions to manage change within a complex regulatory environment.
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Aerospace & Defence

With VisiumKMS, avoid unnessesary delays in addressing change requests that could result in financial losses due to product line stoppage, higher product realization costs, and customer dissatisfaction.
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