VisiumKMS Case Study – replacing ageing Management of Change software

E & P company with >1000 key workers replaces ageing Management of Change software with a VisiumKMS solution

Companies operating on a global level have to facilitate local-level audit improvements as they grow to provide a valuable reporting tool at enterprise level. 

VisiumKMS as a solution ensures adoption by organisations bound by strict legistlation and compliant engineering and maintenance programmes. Why? Because it’s designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind.

The Customer 

VisiumKMS’ customer is a large international Exploration Production (E&P) company operating in the Oil & Gas sector. Exploration and production is the early stage of energy production, which includes searching and extracting oil and gas. The E&P company is engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. 

Headquartered and with operations in North America, the company has further production platforms located in the Middle East and South America. 

Revenue is >$10 billion and total assets >$70 billion. The organisation is both a Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 high ranking company. 

The Challenge

The customer, a large E&P company with 1000s of workers was using an aging Management of Change software system that was rigid and could not be tailored locally to meet local requirements. All configuration of the software had to be done at a corporate level and the workflow had been standardised to reduce IT costs. 

This lack of flexibility and corporate standardization had led to parallel systems being created at a local level, so that local requirements could be met and management of change run in a manner consistent with the needs of the production staff.

An internal audit conducted in the field revealed that the corporate system was not being used to manage change because of the use of parallel or shadow systems being utilised. These were deemed to be inconsistent with the company’s risk management policy. A new, more flexible, solution was suggested as the corrective action.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of the marketplace a new Management of Change solution was purchased. 

VisiumKMS was chosen because it is capable of supporting local tailoring of workflows, reporting, notifications and reminders, and security.

The flexibility of the system lead to better Management of Change and compliance with corporate risk management policy.

KMS was rapidly embraced on the production platforms as a solution turning complexity into clarity and driving operational excellence.

The implementation was done in phases. The North American phase took approximately three months and each additional phase required approximately two months to complete.

Almost immediately the company saw more Management of Change proposals because the solution was actively being used as intended. In addition the production platforms experienced more stable operations.

The biggest challenge associated with implementing VisiumKMS, however, was helping the end users understand all of the configuration options that were available to them. to overcome this, the VisiumKMS team managed the deployment of the software working closely with the customer. Best practice configuration and consulting ensured absolute customer success.

The final phase of implementation involved testing the configuration using years of Managment of Change workflows and rigorous training for all users.

The Benefits

The choice of a fit for purpose, Management of Change solution which has evolved over nearly three decades, has helped the customer better manage the risk associated with continuous improvement and the associated change management. This reduction in risk has lead to more sustainable and optimised operations. 

This customer now actively references VisiumKMS as it positively affects their safety record.

A good safety record for all customers in the exploration production business is not only good for workers, the company and the environment.

The team at VisiumKMS are dedicated to providing our customers with the world’s best in class solutions for Management of Change, driving operational excellence through the delivery of mandatory continuous improvement business processes and compliance driven by software.

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