Auditor Case Study: Aviation engineering company conducts 1000s of audits annually required by industry legislative and regulatory bodies

Companies operating on a global level have to facilitate local-level audit improvements as they grow to provide a valuable reporting tool at enterprise level. 

VisiumKMS as a solution ensures adoption by organisations bound by strict legistlation and compliant engineering and maintenance programmes. Why? Because it’s designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind. 

The Customer

 The customer is a globally recognised multinational company which today designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries. 

35 types of commerical aircraft utilise the company’s engines which equates to 11,800 power systems around the world. 

Manufacturing and maintaining these engines are a staff of over 50,000 employees with over 80 office locations across 31 countries.

The Challenge

This client manages thousands of audits per year, required by legislative and regulatory bodies around the world. These internal and external audits result in thousands of findings including those that are major, minor, opportunity for improvement and best practice. Due to the complexity of requirements and a multinational footprint, the client struggled with managing the entire audit management process from planning through to action item closure. 

• No global audit perspective of performance, data, scope or information resulting in duplication of effort and resource.

• Significant process variation exists, requirement to standardise and simplify. Opportunity to improve the audit.

• No single audit platform. 6 different systems in use across the Businesses and Functions. Potential data integrity concerns with these ad-hoc systems.

• Significant levels of non-value added time spent updating ‘local’ spreadsheets and databases by programme managers.

• Audit action responsibility needs to be re-focused from Quality to the owning area to remove time wasted from chasing responses. 

• No ability to identify common issues, root causes and trends, in order to reduce repeat issues and identify improvements.

Thousands of man hours were spent creating spreadsheets, sending email and creating overview presentations to address the needs of their quality management system. A more efficient way was needed to ensure compliance and cut down on time spent chasing audit status and results. 

The Solution

After a thorough review of the market, VisiumKMS was chosen as the enterprise audit management system. This included the use of the Auditor module where audits are planned, approved and documented. It also included the Resolution Tracker module where all the outputs (recommendations and actions) of the audit management solution are seamlessly managed to closure.

VisiumKMS was rolled out to all manufacturing locations across the world and the process took approximately 6 months to implement. Positive results were seen almost immediately as the enterprise audit plan was easily seen, approved and assigned for the action. Senior managers had one place to go to see if their plan was being executed as approved. They could also see what the findings were and where corrective and preventive action stood.

The VisiumKMS implementation team worked to the implementation plan and trained thousands of users during this period. 

The Benefits

The client saved both time and money going from a paper based or minimally automated system to an enterprise, best of breed, audit management solution designed for the purpose. 

• Intuitive, web-based system which is fully integrated with Microsoft products

• Read/Write restrictions applied based on user-id

• Compliant with Export Control regulations

• Auto generated alerts compatible with Microsoft outlook and Lotus notes

• Enables audits to be planned and executed, indings to be resolved and live business/ function dynamic data to be managed using one system.

• Global standardisation of process, metrics collection, audit checklists and output documents

• Low business impact from system training (2 hours Programme manager & Lead Auditor, on-line 5 minute video for NCR owners)

• Ability to conduct trend analysis based on audit indings

• VisiumKMS Auditor is accessible anywhere via an internet connection giving it true global reach

• Potential to remove 70% of ‘non-value added time’ from process

• Averaged GBP 100K+ savings per year 

The team at VisiumKMS are dedicated to providing our customers with the world’s best in class solutions for auditing, driving operational excellence through the delivery of mandatory continuous improvement business processes and compliance driven by software. 

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