VisiumKMS Mobile App Launch


Houston, TX – November 30, 2021 – The development team behind VisiumKMS, the highly configurable, web-based QHSE platform today announce the launch of the much anticipated VisiumKMS Mobile Process Safety Management application for iOS and Android devices.

Designed specifically to bring connected efficiencies to the connected worker/frontline workers in heavy industry, VisiumKMS Mobile initially enhances three key modules, Resolution Tracker, Investigator & Auditor.  

In Resolution Tracker, off-line Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR) can now be accomplished in the field without paper and pen.  In the Investigator module, first report of incident (FROI) can now be entered where they occur; in the field. Finally Audits, inspections and observations…can be conducted off-line in the field and documented leading to greater accuracy and clarity.  The app functions effectively both on and offline with data sharing occurring when access to a wifi network is established.

“Mobile apps in industry are completely changing the way organisations operate as companies look to increase profitability and improve worker productivity by implementing these new technologies.” Explained Ben Rawls, VisiumKMS Product Manager, “However we often see enterprise solutions experience low adoption rates and a general lack of uptake. but this isn’t the case with VisiumKMS Mobile. Our focus is to design and build software with the end-user in mind and customer collaboration now forms a vital part of our software development process.”

The VisiumKMS Mobile app can assist critical stakeholders in making decisions that ultimately increase revenue and minimize costs. It helps strategically improve employee efficiency and keep a tactical watch on operations with other benefits including:

  • Real-time reporting and collaboration between teams
  • Minimizing human involvement and human error
  • Managing real-time, accurate databases
  • Flexibility to overcome and meet changing norms and compliance standards of industries
  • Manage tasks and resources of operators in the field
  • Location-specific tasks such as scrutiny of critical operation points, as well as display location-specific risks
  • Seamless and integrated workflows

VisiumKMS Mobile is available the Appstore and Google Play and requires an enterprise licence to operate.


About VisiumKMS

For global enterprises who contend with regulated processes and complex engineering assets, VisiumKMS is a highly configurable, web-based QHSE platform connecting information dynamically, precisely, reliably and instantly – between the back office and the plant, factory, or any other site. It drives efficient, visible, and easily communicable corrective and preventive actions (CAPA).

VisiumKMS removes weak links in any communication chain, providing a pillar for optimal, safer, risk-reduced, and compliant operations – enabling continuous improvement through preventive and corrective actions – for the oil and gas, chemical process, and food, drug and beverage industries. VisiumKMS is in constant evolution because the industries we serve face ever-evolving challenges. We commit to staying ahead of the curve; to help our customers keep ahead of the business and operational pressures, regulations, and global/local challenges they face.

For further enquiries please contact:

Tom Hedges, Group Vice President Marketing MIT Group

+44 7860 293 533

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