VisiumKMS Case Study – Global Oil & Gas company with >10000 key workers replaces redundant legacy system with multi-language configured VisiumKMS solution

Companies operating on a global level have to facilitate local-level audit improvements as they grow to provide a valuable reporting tool at enterprise level. 

VisiumKMS as a solution ensures adoption by organisations bound by strict legistlation and compliant engineering and maintenance programmes. Why? Because it’s designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind.

The Customer 

 The customer is a large Oil & Gas industry company with over 10,000 employees many of which work in extreme and often hazardous environments. 

With operations across the world, the corporate team have been struggling recently with rapidly ageing software which was not being used productively by its frontline teams and as such was yielding sub-standard intelligence reporting to senior management and the boardroom. 

This lack of local intelligence reporting was hindering decision making at the very highest levels of the company. 

The Challenge

Senior management were concerned about maintaining a strong Process Safety management and Operational Excellence strategy because their legacy (old) Management of Change solution was no longer supported by the software developers that created it and was too rigid for effective uptake at local level meaning it simply wasn’t being used as intended.

The company needed a solution that would provide world class MOC digitization to the many E&P installations it operates. The challenge was to find a system that enabled local performance whilst providing high quality data and information that could be used by corporate leadership to make decisions and provide guidance. Further, they needed a system that could be configured for several languages. 

The Solution

VisiumKMS was chosen to replace the legacy system because of its ability to be localized which would encourage a new level of uptake in the field by the company’s end users.

The software was configured to the customer’s exact requirements including workflow, content, languages, notifications and reporting at a corporate level. This standard was then tailored to the needs of the organisation’s business units around the world. This tailoring allowed the client to satisfy local needs and wants while still adhering to corporate demands.

Since the customer operated globally, VisiumKMS implementation was executed in phases. The first phase was the Americas, then Asia and Pacific regions and finally the Middle East and Europe. The entire process took 15 months from beginning to end.

Almost immediately, up to 50% more MOCs were being created and managed to closure in a timely fashion with less past due approvals, evaluations, PSSRs and less errors in execution. 

The increased number of MOCs was due to field personnel using the process instead of avoiding it and the old MOC solution. In addition VisiumKMS provided five levels of reporting including a reporting API. Four of the levels increased local management visibility while the reporting API enabled world-wide corporate visibility of the health of the MOC and PSSR processes. 

The Benefits

The choice of a fit for purpose, Management of Change solution which has evolved over nearly three decades, has helped the customer create a robust and trusted source of actionable data and information whilst improving safety records across all operations globally. 

• Efficiency and effectiveness of MOC process increased by 60%.

• Time and cost savings realized due to tailor-made, client approved nature of workflows.

• Customer benefits by being an active member of the user group through which product enhancements and new features are developed.

The team at VisiumKMS are dedicated to providing our customers with the world’s best in class solutions for Management of Change, driving operational excellence through the delivery of mandatory continuous improvement business processes and compliance driven by software. 

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