VisiumKMS Partners With GridSwitch

December 9th 2021, Houston Texas – VisiumKMS and GridSwitch Asset Management Services partner to bring best practices in Risk and Operational Management to the Microgrid Market. 

VisiumKMS, a market-leading Operational, Environmental and Risk Management solution is delighted to announce its partnership with GridSwitch Asset Management Services, a newly formed business based in Pittsburgh. GridSwitch provides design, development, and long-term operational services to the rapidly growing Microgrid and distributed power generation market.   

Customers seeking to reduce dependence on Utilities, improve their operational resilience and take steps towards meeting their sustainability goals are increasingly turning to Microgrids to meet their energy needs.   Microgrids vary in size and complexity, with energy sources including wind, solar, combined heat and power generation and batteries, with customers seeking to buy behind the meter Energy-as-a-Service from companies like GridSwitch. 

GridSwitch brings a novel approach to long-term asset management of Microgrids, delivering its GridCareSM services that actively improve energy production while systematically reducing ownership costs for consumers as well as financial institutions, who own portfolios of Microgrid assets. GridSwitch will be implementing VisiumKMS, the leading process safety and operational risk management tool in US refining and process industries, to safeguard the highest levels of operational excellence while actively delivering measurable progress toward Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ES&G) goals. 

Karen Barnes, Managing Director of VisiumKMS said, “We are excited to see the application of the VisiumKMS solution in the Microgrid market, where complex equipment and processes need to be managed and optimized and best practices can be applied across many different types and locations of grid.”   

Paul Tobin, President of GridSwitch, commented “We really welcome the addition of the VisiumKMS solution to our GridCareSM digital portfolio, as we actively demonstrate how best practices from other Industries are applied in the Microgrid market to ensure our customers get the energy they need, in a reliable and cost-effective way, and we deliver the highest levels of operational excellence from the outset.”


About VisiumKMS

For global enterprises who contend with regulated processes and complex engineering assets, VisiumKMS is a highly configurable, web-based QHSE platform connecting information dynamically, precisely, reliably and instantly – between the back office and the plant, factory, or any other site. It drives efficient, visible, and easily communicable corrective and preventive actions (CAPA).

VisiumKMS removes weak links in any communication chain, providing a pillar for optimal, safer, risk-reduced, and compliant operations – enabling continuous improvement through preventive and corrective actions – for the oil and gas, chemical process, and food, drug and beverage industries. VisiumKMS is in constant evolution because the industries we serve face ever-evolving challenges. We commit to staying ahead of the curve; to help our customers keep ahead of the business and operational pressures, regulations, and global/local challenges they face.

About GridSwitch

GridSwitch provides design, development and long-term operational services for Microgrids and other renewable energy generation assets. Founded in June 2021 and based in Pittsburgh, GridSwitch partners with specialist developers such as Verdant Microgrid and Renewable Gas & Electric and financial owners of renewable energy assets seeking a centralized and standard way of managing and optimizing the productivity and performance of their portfolio. 

GridSwitch provides turnkey services, throughout the Engineering, Procurement and Construction phase of Microgrid development, and then, central to delivering reliable Energy-as-a-Service to consumers and asset owners, delivers 24/7 GridCareSM services to optimize energy production, asset performance and total cost of ownership. 

For further enquiries please contact:

Tom Hedges, Group Vice President Marketing MIT Group

+44 7860 293 533

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